My Story

It's so good to meet you!

I’m Carissa -- designer, dreamer, and dog mama based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am mostly known for dreaming, creating and (honestly) breathing DIY.
I love to uplift others -- my goal is to share stories through my art, to touch your heart and remind you of memories you may have forgotten existed. To inspire you and make you feel as beautiful as you were created! I'm SO glad you're here!
I always knew I wanted to start a creative side business and that the name would be Picking Posies Design. My mom is an incredible gardener -- people stop by just to admire her beautiful, colorful blooms in the spring and summer. She is a huge source of inspiration to me and I knew I wanted to incorporate her art into my art. We've always walked through her gardens, but I never understood the true beauty until going through one of the hardest years of my life. On a whim, I took some of her blooms and tried incorporating it into my art. It took me about a year to refine my method and find my voice, but I was in love with the results and how it combined my mother's work of art into my own. Walking her gardens and growing this business over the last year has resulted in some of the sweetest memories I will forever treasure. I hope my work is able to create some of those memories for you as well!
A few random/fun facts about myself:
+The name Picking Posies Design originates from my love of the movie About Time with Rachel McAdams. I fell in love with the name Posie after seeing it for the first time and the following year I went out and adopted a mini goldendoodle with the cutest golden curls and named her Posie.
+While About Time is one of my favorite movies, Harry Potter is my life! I grew up with my mom reading the books to me in an English accent.
+I love starting new hobbies (even though it sometimes drives my husband crazy because I tend to pick up the most expensive ones!)
+I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease eleven years ago – I’ve tried anything and everything gluten free – if you ever need a recommendation message me!
Let’s connect! Follow my story or DM me on Instagram @pickingposiesdesign @carissanotto – I’d love to learn more about your story!