Spring 2021 Colors

Let's talk color!

Color is such a hot topic in the product design space. It's crucial for a business to ensure the customer see the best representation so they know what they are purchasing. I'll be honest, I've had my ups and downs when it comes to showcasing color accurately as I've built up my business -- and I've learned a LOT from it! I recently got the idea to record myself talking through my color palette so that you have more visuals to reference as well as additional descriptors that can help you better gauge what the color is in real life!

I do want to just take a moment to acknowledge though, that despite my best efforts, we all see color differently! Even if we were together in a room looking at the same thing, we may pick up different variations of a color. I also want to note that because each of our mobile devices or desktops are calibrated differently, what you see does have the possibility of varying slightly in person.

Another factor that plays into color is shadebands. A shadeband is when a dye lot of product varies slightly from one to the next. So for example, I buy a bar of Cadmium Yellow from Sculpey one month and 6 months later -- because they are using a new batch of dye -- it could vary slightly in color. Another example is the jean industry -- no two pair of jeans are the exact same because of the dye process :) So long story short, ultimately, if the supplier's color shifts, my color also has the potential to shift slightly. I want you to know though, I always ensure my product is as close to the original as possible!

On to the fun part! I've uploaded a video for you below where I showcase each color within my Spring 2021 palette. Below the video, I've included those same descriptors in writing in case that is helpful for you. 

As always though, if you ever have any additional questions, you can reach out to me at pickingposiesdesign@gmail.com 


Picking Posies Design Spring 2021 Colors:

Linen: This color is an off white/cream color. It is not white! I've heard that some are surprised it looks darker in person. It's a mix of brown + white combined. It truly is a cream/oatmeal color.

Taupe: This color is a beautiful neutral -- it's a warm gray. I tried to think of some descriptors for you and the words Mink and Stone came to mind. It is not a cool color -- it has more red to it.

Khaki: This color is a greenish yellow -- it is NOT as green as my previous color Olive -- it does have more yellow to it. It is lighter than my previous color mustard and is a great neutral color!

Spice: This color is definitely how it sounds -- if you think of a global color palette it does read closer to a Chili like color. It has notes of brown but still reads as a red.

Terracotta: This color is much more orange than Spice. It is a little brighter, but mostly the difference is that this color has more yellow/orange to it.

Peach: This color is a true peachy pink. It is more yellow/peachy than a blush. It is brighter than some of my colors, but I love it for Spring!

Dusty Pink: This color is truly a Dusty Pink :) it is a lot more muted than pinks I've offered in the past and is a great neutral color. It reads as a pink in person, but is more desaturated than other colors.

Moss: This color is a bluish green! I've been asked if it's similar to Army Green -- when I think of Army Green I think of a yellowish green so my answer is no. I definitely think it has more blue to it, but still reads as green in person.

Light Moss: This color is literally Moss mixed with white to make it lighter! I would describe this color as a minty/spearmint color in person. It still reads as a green, but isn't a light olive by any means.

Sage: If I could go back and rename colors I would rename this one! I don't think Sage is an accurate representation, but because I don't want to cause confusion for those who have purchased from me in the past, I'm not going to change it. This color is a beautiful blue gray. It is more desaturated than Eucalyptus, but still reads as a blue in person.

Eucalyptus: This color is one of my best sellers! It's a blue/green color and is more saturated than some of the other colors in my collection. It does have a grayish undertone, but is a lot more saturated than Sage.

Eggplant: This color is a dark, deep purple!

Fog: This is by far the hardest color to capture in photos. This color is a purple gray. I would not say that this color is a true gray by any means. It does read as a purple, but similar to Sage, it is a lot more desaturated than my other colors. I love that it's like a lavender plant that's been left to dry :)

Dusty Mauve: This is the lightest of the purples in my palette. It also is more of a dusty colorway, but with so much white added to it, it's a very light, pastel color.

Ebony: This one speaks for itself too! It truly is jet black -- nothing is added to this color :)

I hope you find this helpful!



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